Over the last eighteen years, we’ve turned an underfunded, hare-brained idea into a respected multi-million dollar company, an industry leader and innovator in the fields of pollution prevention, resource recovery, recycling, and resource/environmental conservation. Our focus has always been on quality service and quality products. When our customers come to us for environmental solutions, we know that they want it done safely, they want it done right, they want it done at a fair price, and they want it done in a way that prevents future liability for them. And that is what we deliver. Since 1999, we’ve never failed at a project we’ve started. In fact, we maintain the best compliance and success history in the area for our type of business. Our work and facilities has been acknowledged by the US Army Corps of Engineers, Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ), EPA, U.S. Coast Guard and other government agencies and industry leaders. We continue to work with state and federal agencies, as well as strategic industry partners, to bring you the highest standards of compliance.